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Our members include entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and many other women affecting change throughout the country. As an organization of dynamic and accomplished leaders, 100 HW strives to eliminate obstacles and encourages Latinas to be innovative, maximize our potential, create strategic partnerships, promote inclusion in government and corporate America and improve the status of Hispanics.

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​​​​​​​​In 1995, fourteen Latina professionals, community and business leaders founded the 100 Hispanic Women National, Inc. They envisioned a non-profit organization dedicated to guiding Latinas towards excellence in leadership by fostering educational enrichment and creating opportunities to promote our personal and professional advancement. 

Hello Everyone/ Saludos A Todos;
I know we are all getting ready to celebrate the holidays. It’s such a festive time of year; dancing, eating,
drinking and participating with family and friends. I wanted to share a brief update of what we’ve been
up to so we can celebrate together this year’s accomplishments.

Recently, we went to Washington for a Hispana/Latina women’s conference. One of our scholarship
recipients had an opportunity to attend. What a wonderful opportunity for her to get to know
professional Hispanas/ Latinas in the top of their fields; science, math, technology, education and the
entertainment business. It was a very rewarding moment for us because only the agencies that had
been selected in 2015 by the White House for hispanic educational excellence were selected to attend
the conference. We were one of only sixteen agencies in the country that was recognized with the;
Bright Spot Award for Hispanic Educational Excellence.

We work hard on creating opportunities for our scholarship recipients and for our members. We are
about to roll out a mentorship program geared at girls and young women ages 11-18. We are grateful to
TD Bank for their assistance in granting us some start up money for this venture.
We work hard at being the liaison between our members and corporate America/ government agencies
in identifying qualified candidates from our membership pool who go one to do outstanding work.
Hispanas/Latinas are making strides in all fields. However, many are still falling behind on educational
attainment and earning potential. Collectively, we can expand our capacity and mobilize our community.
I want you to consider us for your yearend giving. Every little bit helps. We are a 501 © so your donation
is 100% tax deductible. We are also registered with American Express if you have an account and list us
as your charity they will donate to us and no cost to you. If you open an account with TD Bank and let
them know that we’re your preferred charity they will also send a donation our way. Contributing to the
education of young Hispana/ Latinas or helping in the development of one of our members doesn’t just
benefit our members and scholarship recipients it benefits the community and the nation. The higher
earning potential the more the individual contributes to the local and national economy which aides in
all that we accomplish as a country. Remember, economic equity is the only way of ensuring that
women are able to have equal access and equal voice in our communities and nation. I urge you to give
today. All our activities; our scholarship award ceremony, annual Mind Body Spirit Conference, annual gala inaddition to events that we participate in with our partners and sponsors can be found on our website;
May this holiday season be filled with joy and good cheer for you and your love ones.
Felicidades y besitos;

Nancy Genova, MPA
100 Hispanic Women National, Inc.

Women of the Future

To inspire Latinas​​ 

to maximize their strengths and potential in order to become equal partners in an empowered world of equal justice, recognition, respect, and dignity. #INSPIRED

Much has been written about the enormous growth of the Hispanic population and it now being the largest ethnic community in the United States.With strong economic and political positions comes a sense of responsibility and an awareness of the many opportunities that can be harnessed to improve the lives of Hispanics and all women, their families, and their children.

The professional and educational growth opportunities for Latinas in this country are numerous. 100 Hispanic Women National, Inc. continues to address issues of concern to continues to address issues of concern to Hispanic women and to empower us with the tools to take control of our personal, professional and economic growth. 

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