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I am deeply humbled to be the 3rd President of 100 Hispanic Women National, Inc., succeeding Milagros O'Toole, who has done exemplary work. Moving forward, Ms. O'Toole will have President Emerita's status within the organization. I am deeply committed and honored to lead this organization, following Presidents who have been pioneers in serving the organization and the community they serve. This is the opportunity of a lifetime, dedicating service to women and the Latino community. I have worked at Bronx Lebanon Hospital in the Department of OB/GYN, developing programs, staff development strategies, and negotiating contracts. Currently, I am faculty at Hostos Community College and have been serving on the Human Rights Commission in Rockland County since 2008. I hope to use all of my experiences to move the organization forward.

Our organization was founded to fill the void of developing and supporting professional Latinas. In expanding that commitment, we wanted to support Latina students with funding and development strategies to help them attend college and transition into the labor market. In response, the Young Latina Leadership Institute emerged in 2002. Additionally, the Bronx Global Leadership Academy for Girls was created because education is transformative, and we wanted to target and assist young women at the very beginning of their schooling.

There is still a lot to be done, and we need your help. Please consider supporting the 100 Hispanic Women National, Inc. Share ideas, strategies, and guidance on the next steps. Together, we can make a difference.


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​Nancy Genova, MPA

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To inspire Latinas to maximize their strengths and potential, in order to become equal partners in an empowered world of equal opportunity with equal justice, recognition, respect, and dignity.


100 Hispanic Women National, Inc. is a non-profit, non-partisan women’s organization with members from a wide range of industries and interests. As an organization of dynamic and accomplished leaders, we strive to eliminate obstacles and encourage Latinas to be innovative, maximize our potential, create strategic partnerships, promote inclusion in government and corporate America, and improve Hispanics' status.