Lynn Ponder tenacious, passionate and fearless entrepreneur. Lynn is a social media strategist, content creator and producer, with a unique style of positive energy through innovative coverage. Founder of a multicultural influencer digital platform and the 1st multicultural digital press team in iconic pink dazzling signature style covering red carpets from a social media POV. Multiple-Award winner, recognized as “Best Latina Network Leader” LATISM 2016. Creator of #UnstoppableLATINAS and #BeNumberless movement online. 

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  100 Hispanic Women National, Inc. Applauds Lynn Ponder

Social Media Strategist, Content Creator

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"Aplauso!of the month recognizes professional Latinas with remarkable record of accomplishments who are visionary leaders. Women with a sense of responsibility and an awareness to empower others to improve the status of Hispanics in the United States”.

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